A Coupon Plus A Celebrity Pickle

Well, it’s Friday and you know what that means: A list of random observations plus a $2 coupon for you. Here’s what happened this week: Bel Biv DeVoe released their first single in 15 years. We already lost our fantasy […]

Top 10 Late Night Drunchies in Washington DC

People are always talking smack about Washington DC’s food scene, but our app says those people are totes wrong. The nation’s capital has got all kinds of tasty things available for delivery, even when it’s late on a Saturday night […]

11 Jaw-Dropping Fries Available for Delivery in L.A.

“Walk softly and carry a big potato.” That was our high school yearbook quote. Yours too? We knew we liked you. Confession time: We’re EAT24, we love French fries, and we don’t care who knows it. Actually, we do care […]

Weekend Coupon: Feel the Burn, Man

No dust wedgies. No sunburns. Still no pants. f you’re reading this, we’re already at Burning Man for the annual gathering of #NoPantsNation on the playa. Will we see you there? No? That’s OK, we get it. It’s soooo far […]

Sport Families and Eat24Hours.com

If you are a parent of children involved in sports, you can totally appreciate the ease of using Eat24Hours to order delivery during the hectic sports season. Running from practices after a long day at work leaves little desire to […]

Eat24Hours ~ Your Portal to Ordering Online Restaurant Food Delivered

Every once in a while I like to remind or let new readers know exactly what Eat24Hours is all about. Eat24Hours is not a restaurant. Eat24Hours is not a delivery service. What Eat24Hours is though is your online portal to […]