Free Pizza Party (Pizza = a bunch of GIFS)

FREE PIZZA! Ok, now that we have your attention we’d like to lighten the load of your normal Monday with some tasty random gifs. So just hit play, lay by the bay, bail some hay, if you may, what do ya’ say? Ok, enough shenanigans, on to the gifs!

sad panda

Even sad pandas still eat bamboo.

humanity wallet

Faith in humanity restored.

Always wanting what we can't get. Never noticing what we already have - Imgur

To be fair, mirrors are confusing.

Trust fail

Faith in humanity lost again.


Raindrops, because why not?




And now for a cheesy interlude.

Faith in humanity restored - Imgur

Someone give this kid a medal.

car fail

Well that’s one way to do it.


Cats will be cats.


Infinite cute baby pigs, check.


Now back to your regularly scheduled Monday.

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