Win Free Dinner with Apple Pay + Yelp Eat24

  You know how every week you order Tom Yum and Quesadillas and Ravioli (maybe that’s just us) from your favorite delivery app? And of course then you take off your pants and enjoy your food while congratulating yourself for […]

Eat24’s 2nd Annual Delivery Driver Appreciation Weekend

Guess what!? It’s that time of year where we salute the hardest working person in the business. No, not porn stars. We’re talking about the men and women who bring you tacos, burgers, and chow mein, no matter if it’s […]

Eat24 Celebrates the Stoniest Time of the Year

For some reason, April 20th is one of our busiest days here at Eat24. Maybe it’s the weather, or the sight of all those winter outfits being shed for something more revealing, but there’s definitely something green in the air […]

Win The Ultimate Munchies Prize Bag from Eat24

Anyone that knows us knows that we love three things. Unicorns, not wearing pants, and our munchies. Luckily for us, and the rest of Eat24’s #NoPantsNation, there’s a national holiday coming up that just happens to fall on a Saturday […]

One high five gets you free dinner. Yes really.

Trouble viewing? Mobile Version Hungry? Happy National Delivery Guy Appreciation Weekend. We Totally Just Made That Up. Delivery guys are heroes. They brave the elements, traffic jams, and occasional zombie hordes just to feed you. Sure they may be late […]