197 thoughts on “How to Increase Market Share With A New Logo”

  1. Heh heh. Amazeballs is the word. And as someone once said, a dirty mind is a continual feast. LOVE.

  2. Please go back to writing about ad analytics in porn websites. Waayyyyy better than this one.

  3. Hey guy who would rather read porn blogs, get your mind out of the gutter! Keeping it classy @eat24, the new logo is aesthetically pleasing. Geometry is science

  4. Please Yelp, do not destroy a great product like Eat24. Do not leverage it so hard to try and make money that you ruin it like you’ve done with your ratings system.

    The new logo is nice, albeit a bit phallic. 🙂

  5. It looks like a penis. No porn or gutter mentality needed. Even my penis loving GF said the same thing when first viewing it. I mean I suppose it can work in my city (San Francisco) for everyone.

  6. Semi flaccid penis, semi flaccid logo. There was nothing wrong with the original logo.

  7. I don’t like it. No dirty mind here, but it really does look like a penis. That’s a really bad message. You guys should consider removing it our replacing it.

  8. “Our new look could go live as soon as Wednesday!”

    *looks at calendar*

    Oh hoho I see you Eat24, that’s a good one

  9. OH gosh.. I hope that this is an April Fools joke…. and if I’m right in thinking it is… BRAVO!

    All I could think in the image where they were sketching ideas is didn’t someone mention that ALL of the images looked like certain male genital!!

    And the app logo… Looks like it just says EAT “d*ck” – hilarious.

  10. Yeah…um, it’s a little phallic for my, ah, taste. Someone in your brainstorming group needs to get laid. Nuff Said.

  11. 100% approval of the new logo. When can I get a T-shirt? Preferably a customized one with a stick figure person leaning over to lick the logo just like the ice cream sundae it obviously represents. I might even get on my knees for a sundae like that….

  12. Reminds me of the credits for “Superbad.”
    Is that long thing in the middle supposed to be a symbol for “amaze?” Because its clear what the other two things are.

  13. While some might call it morally objectionable, I applaud the fact that you’ve kept the peen and gotten rid of the pesky bear.

  14. Sorry but I don’t like it. Remind me of a man’s private parts and that does NOT increase my appetite. No one in the office here liked it.

  15. Just glad I wasn’t the only one.to think so…that, coupled with the word “amazeballs”…well now….

  16. I love a good April Fool’s joke as much as anyone else, but this is offensive. Why does a joke need to have a sexual or dirty reference in order to be found funny?

    You used to be clever and very funny. I guess you became desperate… Ran out of material maybe?

    I’m sorry, but I am officially done with eat24.
    This just wasn’t necessary.

  17. my first was – hmmm, phallic. the Yelp board will never go for it. second thought was – don’t worry EAT24, the other one will drop soon. third? april fool. i see what you did there.

  18. LOL!! This made my day! I love you guys @eat24:disqus , seriously, I look forward to the Friday emails not for just the coupons, but for the actual message. You guys are HILARIOUS! I first started to notice what everyone else is noticing when you guys got down to the “sketching” pics, and I was like, oh this is taking an uncomfortable turn. But what tickles me is all these people who are taking it SO SERIOUSLY!!! Keep up the great sense of humor and the fantastic work! I LOVE you guys! You guys are amaze-tubes-balls!

  19. Well played, y’all. Well played.
    This is why I look forward to checking my emails every Friday.

  20. My favorite part of this is the people in the comments who actually bought it. Well played, you glorious bastards, it’s hard these days to land an April Fool’s trick!

  21. The assemblage of apps around it…Silly Sausage…What to Expect Pregnancy app. Brilliance. Sheer brilliance. I applaud the Eat24 team.

  22. Ummm that’s supposed to be male junk on the left…right? That IS intentional…right?

  23. Hi Hanna, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We understand how you feel, and we just want to let you know that it was never our intention to offend you.

  24. This is the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in a long time. Can’t wait to see it Wednesday!

  25. Can’t be any worse than Airbnb’s logo. Maybe that can be a match made in genitalia heaven…

  26. Dear social media coordinator that is responding to all of these comments:

    You. are. amazing.

  27. You can let your team know that this strategy worked perfectly. I had never heard of eat24, my friend shared this article on Facebook, I clicked, I lol’ed, and now I will be using your service.

  28. Oh well that is so not fair. I take 45 glorious minutes to read this. I laughed, I cried, I peed my pants, but ALAS poor Yorick, I do not “tweet”. So, and I’m cryin’ while saying this. I miss you my coupon of love. How jilted I feel that you will not benefit my order because I am tweetless. Le siiiigh.

  29. We love you with our without tweets! Use bonus coupon code ‘tubes’ and please accept our apology for the crying and peeing.

  30. i cannot be the only one who thinks it looks like a dick.

    not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  31. This is why I love you guys! Well, this and you bring the food to me so I don’t have to bring the pants to the on position ^.^

  32. I’m so sorry, but the new logo looks like one of two things: male genitalia (I can see that others have said the same thing already), or a crude cartoonlike rendition of someone’s hand as it flips a big ol’ bird (hopefully not to Yelp, since y’all are getting into bed with them now! lol). Honestly, the original logo was already short, sweet, and to the point. For me, that little design is superfluous and distracting, to say the least. I’m actually wondering if this is all some weird joke that I’m just not getting…

  33. I look forward to my Eat24 email all week, incredible entertainment! And I took this one a little too seriously – between the teeny tiny heart attack and the forehead smacking, I’m exhausted. Thank you!!

  34. I agree, first thing I though of………….. grubhub here I come. Bye Bye eat 24

  35. i was about to fall asleep at my desk and then i decided to read your email. great decision. thanks for this 🙂 keep up the hard work!

  36. Not only does this new logo make me hungry, but it also makes me horny, so there’s that.

  37. Amazeballs… maybe. New logo definitely brings to mind the latter half of the word, as well my sentiment upon longing for some decent delivery options in my area. IT people often require foodstuffs to come to them… we’d love to use your entertaining app for the other restaurants in our area, but not yet listed. I’m thinking I’d appreciate the logo more if I could declare “amazeballs” to the awesome variety eat24 has to offer!

    please help- I will pay you $10 right now if you get Uncle Peteza’s, Pagliacci, and the new Greek gyro shop in Canyon Park on board. I’ll even blast a promotion to all of the interwebs!

  38. looks like you are giving the finger… or a dick. but I’ll still order food from you.

  39. Guessing the genitalia logo is a joke, but your “new look” e-mails are all messed up… Text no longer justifies right border, and info paragraph with expiration date, etc. no longer appears. Just lots of big, empty space to the bottom.

  40. it kinda looks like an abstract testicles and erect penis, but then again its always something on my menu. 😉

  41. You are so right! We’ll do our best to sign up those restaurants, but it takes two to tango, so if you want to put in a good word for us that’d be cool too 🙂

  42. It looks like a limp weenie w 2 tiny balls. Yukky – stick w what you’ve got or improve. This “update” sucks wind!!! Really, you all missed th phallic (sorta) symbol? Argh! Get new designers!!!

  43. I like the logo! All these April fools calling it an April fool’s joke! HA! It’s not April, fools! I don’t know why people are seeing penises on this. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I see a floral print, lava lamps, movement, Ketchup squirts, fields of wheat blowing in the wind. But not a penis, only in the genitalia oriented brainstorming session (which of course has to do with the enormously sexually charged atmosphere in the room, boy if Freud were alive haha,ohh, he’d have a laugh) Keep it. Let them laugh and grab their crotches! KEEP IT!

  44. If you have a logo that lasts longer than four hours, please see your doctor.

  45. go home, eat24, you’re drunk. and horny. and please deliver a pizza when you wake up.

  46. go home, eat24, you’re drunk. and horny. and please deliver a pizza when you wake up.

  47. I’m sorry but, with the distinctly penile appearance of the proposed new logo I just cannot tweet that it is, “amazeballs” even for another weekend coupon. Maybe back to the drawing board?

  48. Fair enough! We would still love to give you bonus code ‘tubes’ for telling us how you feel 🙂

  49. ahem…

    penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! penis!


  50. Very sweet. I’ll order tomorrow! (I’ll ALWAYS order, no matter what your logo looks like!)

  51. You should have held on to your new logo for three days to avoid premature vociferation.

  52. The only way this could have been made better was to rearrange the order of the elements so it would read EAT, then Logomark, then the number followed by a /7. So glad you guys don’t have an HR department, or if you do — at least they have a sense of humor. I don’t think anything this funny would have made it out of Apple, Google, Facebook etc.

  53. So…are we gonna ignore the fact that the new logo kinda looks like a penis..or is it just me?

  54. We understand the way you feel, but Yelp has done nothing but good things for us, and our partnership has led to an even better experience for our customers. Only way from here is up!

  55. I think you should reposition the word “eat” on top of the new logo for the app photo. I’m sure it’ll get a lot more downloads that way!!!

  56. Jesus Christ! This is the most cutesy and unprofessional website I’ve ever experienced. Except for maybe Hello Kitty or My Little Pony. Is that where the staff at this place came from?

    EAT D*CK? And I want to order food from these people? I think not. They can EAT SH*T. I have a sense of humor, but my 15 year old won’t be using this site again for sure.

  57. lmfao you’re logo looks like a d*ck xD It looks like you guys are telling people to go “EAT a d•ck” or “EAT24 d•cks!” Lmfao and you’re tweet xD I can’t even rn “[…] amazeballs!” LMFAO Oh my god my sides xD

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  59. Yep, EAT24 is changing our logo. Why? Because we just got married to Yelp, so we need to step up our game, refresh our look, and move away from our childish ways of the past. It’s time to get serious.

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