WTF: EAT24 Actually Made a Super Bowl Commercial


That’s right, America. This actually happened. We made our very first ever EAT24 Super Bowl commercial starring Snoop Dogg and Gilbert Gottfried.

From day one when we started this little Internet-make-food-happen service, we had a dream of our logo shining in the Super Bowl spotlight. And we finally did it! All we can say is we have an awesome team, it’s been an amazing year, and also, Hi Mom!

Anyway, we’re gonna go watch the commercial again for the 87,543rd time while you enjoy these fun facts from the Making of EAT24’s Super Bowl Commercial (it’s like Pop Up Video except not at all).

Fact: Zero goldfish were harmed in the making of this commercial.

Photo Jan 09, 6 09 24 PM


Fact: Approximately 573 egg rolls were harmed in the making of this commercial.

Photo Jan 09, 10 13 16 PM


Fact: This goldfish is named Kevin (Bonus Fact: He has a stunt double named Ian).



Fact: Gilbert Gottfried yelled at these pickles for 5 hours #SorryPickles.



Fact: These two are about to drop the hottest album of 2015*!


*We can’t actually confirm that.


Fact: We made the spot with our homies at Hub Strategy & Communication. Thanks guys 😉

Photo Jan 09, 9 54 23 PM
Fact: You want to see it again. Ok. Here it is.


Snoop Dogg: Himself
Gilbert Gottfried: Himself
Kevin the Fish: Himself
Jar of Pickles: Itself
Creative Direction/Writing: EAT24 Marketing Team
Moneybags: Nadav Sharon
Production Company: Hub Strategy & Communication
Director: DJ O’Neil
Producer: Jeremy Cook
Director of Photography: Greg Schmitt
Production Designer: Alex Fymat
Hub Creative Director: Peter Judd
Hub ACD/Writer: Hugh Gurin
Production Coordinator: Zoe Drasen

OK, that’s it. You reached the end. What are you still doing here? Go Download the EAT24 App already.

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  1. Love this! Btw, we actually use your marketing emails as inspiration for our own. 🙂

    Lover of Bacon

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