EAT24 Sorry For Revealing TODAY Show Anchor’s Number on TV

  Quick question: Is there a greeting card for ‘Sorry we showed everyone your phone number on national TV and now you’re getting a whole lotta phone calls, texts, and voicemails’? There isn’t? Damn. We only ask because our new […]

New HANGRY App tells Hunger to STFU

  We ran some reports and we’ve got bad news: Our database has detected that you’re boring. Hang on! Don’t get upset. It’s just that you always order the same thing (Chow mein on Fridays and tacos on Tuesdays) like, […]

Who Wants to Marry Eat24: Office Lunch Rebound Edition

While you might think of Eat24 as an online food ordering service, we also like to think of ourselves as Food Therapists. We have so much experience with the healing properties of burritos, double cheeseburgers, and chicken fried steak (organic, […]