A Gif Party To Get Through This Day


Hello and welcome back to our Easy Breezy Monday Funday Yelp Eat24 Gif Party Extravaganza! Ok, well, it’s not as exciting as a forth quarter comeback and overtime victory (SPORTS!) but it can help take away some of that Monday feel.

You know the feeling, like your bed is still calling to you even though you’ve made it all the way across town to sit at your desk. But don’t worry, your desk isn’t jealous, but lucky to be hosting this week’s .gif fun. So as always, sit back, hit play, and enjoy!

Let's get it on


Panda Parkour

It’s a wonder these majestic creatures aren’t extinct.


What an interesting way to eat pie.


Just a cat eating spagoo.

1 - 9PkOZZE

“Whoops!” – That guy probably

For Chris

We’re wondering the same thing too little guy, we’re wondering the same thing.

Pancake Drizzle

And now for a brief pancake intermission.


Strut your stuff Mr. Birb.

1 - oklD6oM

Confirmed wrong way to open soda.


Woah there kitty.

More Chocolate Drizzle
The kind of drizzle you don’t need an umbrella for.


What goes up must come down….learned the hard way.


When good balloons go bad. 


He tried his best. RIP that pizza.

Neat thing

Science is neat! (Watch the lines)


Oh yeah, the best part of the day. 


Leaving work after a long week.

And now back to our regularly scheduled TPS reports. Remember to have a day, be yourself and be sure to find at least 3 otter gifs to laugh at. 

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