Celebrate an Hour of Less of Sleep with the Eat24 Gif Party

Shout out to the shortest weekend of the year! And by shout out we mean “Where the heck did my hour go?” Well, much we can do at this point, so instead we’ll just try to reclaim that lost hour, one gif at a time. Here’s a bunch of tiny moving pictures to help set the world right again. And as always, sit back, relax, hit play, and go to your happy place.


Fighting our way back into work today.

Dangerous Floor - Imgur

To be fair, it does blend in with the rest of the floor.

back flip face into snow

Perfect execution.


Balancing all those work tasks got us like…

back flip skateboard



Super impressive.


Old-timey spagoo break.

1 - iTCzyJv

It’s ok little guy, there’s enough for everyone.


Easy like Monday morning.


Your gravity doesn’t work here!


Nothing to see here…just the 4th dimension.

Ron Swanson Pizza Tree

The secret truth the pizza tree industry doesn’t want you to know.

sleepy cat fall

Getting out of bed on a Monday.

monday dog

Good try little guy!

Happiest of Monday everyone! And for all us affected by the time change, enjoy the extra sunlight.

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