Don’t Let Rainy Days And Mondays Blog You Down | A Yelp Eat24 Gif Party

The start of the week. Rainy days. That cold feeling when you first get out of bed. These are a few of our least favorite things. Here’s a few gifs to distract from the otherwise droll day. And remember to hit play to help maximize the good feelings. Gif party away!

Cat Attack

Not today friend.

A suh dude owl versionA suh dude.

Cat Dog Hug

When she’s hungry and you told her it’s time to get tacos.


Tire 2: The Life & Times of Tire, A Tire.


High five! You made it this far.


Bacon break. Watch it twice.


No human. Just no.

Hoot Hoot

This owl is going on an adventure.


Lessons were learned that day.


A dose of Monday coming in hot!


Thanks for tuning in. We’re building a pillow fort right now to hide from the rest of Monday.

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