A Real-Life Monday Gif Party

Real life can be hard sometimes, but running away isn’t always an option. We do have a temporary solution: real life doodles. Their cute little faces bring a smile to your face and make you realize, hey, it’s not so bad. We hope these gifs help turn the everyday ordinary, into the the super extraordinary. Now if you would just sit back, relax, hit play, and let the dream begin.

Real Life Balloon

Bounce! bounce!

Real Life Coffee

How Rude.

Real Life Mlemming

“Mlem mlem mlem…BLEP!”

Cat Tail Real Life

Now to the left….then to the right…Ok good.


All thrusters set to maximum!

Real Life Dog Ball

Doggo and ball. Friends for life.

Real Life Tower

“Avenge meeeee!!!”

Real Life Box Bounce

Yay! We’re boxes.

Real Life Crab Weight Lifter

“Do you even lift bro?”

Real Life Balloon 2

If Monday was a birthday.

Happy Monday to you, Happy Monday to you, it’s time to drink coffee….and make a spreadsheet or two….And many more!


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