Happy Holidays! Here’s A Gif Party.

You ever feel beat down, rung out, failing at basic life? Well, you’re not alone. What we want to offer you, is a collection of people doing it way worse. That’s right, if Monday was a feeling it would be failure. Feel better with this collection of gifs. After watching these, you will most likely feel a ton better about your life.
“Through adversity we find strength”


And as always, don’t forget to press play.

Car Fail

Just straight in…

Basketball flip fail

Touchdown hole in one goal unit!!

Bike Fail Resized

Sweet Trick Brah!

Fall into poo fail

Top 10 reasons to get a unicycle…wait.

Good Dog not fail

Our Spirit Animal.

Loop resized perfect 2 g

Hey, it’s Monday!

Hammer Fail Resized

Prize Winning Hit.

Monday Ski Fail Fall


ouch tree jump fail

Spiderman in training.

rock sand jump fail resized

5/7 for the effort.

Over Flip Fail

Friends stick together.

Parkour Fail

Parkour at its finest.

Shelf Fall Fail

Step 1.) Look at slow cooker Step 2.) Watch out!!!!

Truck stump fail


Santa Dunk Basketball Fail


See you next year, and we’re out.

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