This Just In! A Monday Gif Party.


Can we take a moment out of our day to appreciate the true crusaders, the news bringers, the ones willing to go outside and fear nothing? That’s right, we’re talking about reporters. Every day they risk being hit in the face, yelled at, or attacked by nature all to bring us a little slice of the outside world, since we pretty much are gonna stay inside.

In honor of these wonderful men and women, enjoy these gifs of our favorite news reporter bloopers. And don’t forget to press play for maximum success!

Reporter - Imgur

It’s… so… beautiful.


Comin’ in hot!

A good reporter is never surprised - Imgur

Didn’t even flinch.

Captain Jack Sparrow interrupts news reporter - Imgur

Photobombs are pretty much inevitable.


Celebs are soooo silly.


Quite possibly the greatest reporter of our time keeping it real.

Instructions unclear.

MRW I'm a sports reporter and get hit by a football. - Imgur


I nominate this news reporter for the ice bucket challenge - Imgur

Splish Splash.


The look of absolute terror.

Weather reporter hit in the face by a flying fish mid-broadcast - Imgur

When you’re trying to do your job and a fish wants to show off.

She must suck as a reporter even the universe is asking her to stop - Imgur

Must be a Monday.

Happy Monday everyone! And remember to beware of flying stops.


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