A Lovely Monday Gif Party

To Monday or not to Monday, that is the question. Whether tis’ more appealing to suffer the slings and arrows that the day will inevitably throw at you, or by opposing them, sleep in. To dream…to sleep… no more.

Without further ado, here’s a collection of this week’s .gifs.

panda roll loop

Actual video of us rolling out of bed.


Wait for it. The last jump he does is amazing.

1 - ysTEwMW

When a bird tries to slide into your DMs.


When things work out like they were supposed to but you’re so jaded with life you expected the worst.


You may want to think about changing professions. Become a Dr. maybe?


Electric Pinball anyone?

cow kick

There must be an easier way to get milk.


Mmmm. Mixin’ up some of those famous hair brownies. 


We believe in your little guy. You’ll get that bone.



never ending tea party loop

Forever tea anyone?


Smoother than your dance moves. 

cheeseburger aerodynamics

This is science at it’s peak.


When cats and dogs act exactly like cats and dogs are supposed to.

cat dog cuddle

And when they don’t.

penguin slide loop

Coming home from all you can eat dim sum.

noodle loop

Eternal Penne.

paper airplane

Aerodynamics hard at work.

gir love pizza

1 - 6E9De5Y

Thanks for tuning in and happy Monday!

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