Hello Monday: An Eat24 Gif Party

Hello Monday, welcome back. We missed you. We thought about you last night when we were going to bed, and we couldn’t wait… for you to be over already! Zing! We can’t boycott you though deep in our hearts we really, really want to.

The only cure to you Monday, is coffee, and some fun time gifs!

Now for everyone who isn’t Monday (double zing!); sit back, push play, and put Monday on hold.


Hop on in, let’s take a ride. To the FUTURE!

1 - dB9tFnd

Up up up up up the stairs we go.

So satisfying - Imgur

Like a glove. A well fitting, satisfying glove.


Not as satisfying! > _ <

How wire hangers are made - Imgur

Ok back to satisfying again.

The most unsatisfying satisfying gif of all time - Imgur

Not satisfying!!


Nice catch!


Basically dog Pele’.


What a lovely peaceful trail… OH NO!!! BEARS!!!


Just walk away…


Actual footage of us waking up today.


Bird scratcher!


When the coffee hits.

golf water ball

When the Monday hits.

Thanks for putting Monday on hold with us everyone, see you next week.

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