A Furry Monday GIF Party

Simpletons may call today “Monday,” but we prefer “T minus 9 days to Food Coma 2K16.” We can already smell the parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (essential to one’s album collection as well as spice cabinet.) Until the holidays officially descend, here are some cute pets, silly humans, and good vibes to get the party started. Gather your nearest four or two-legged friends, hit play, and enjoy.

Dog Waving

Hi everyone!

Cat and Mouse

The unlikeliest of friends


3 parakeets, 2 cockatiels, a dog, and a hamster walk onto a bar….

Dog Flips a Stick

Local Branch Manager

Dog Rolling around in a Bowl


Real life balloon on cat

What do.

And now, an interlude of silly humans:

Bag Dance Resized

Dance is life.

ezgif.com-resize (1)


ezgif.com-resize (2)

Mildly satisfying!

Typing Dog Corgi Copywriter

Now back to our usual Monday antics.

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