Science Says Pizza Makes People Want to Have Sex


Science has finally confirmed what everyone else knew all along: Pizza makes people feel sexy.


We did some research (ok, we made Dave from Accounting and a few other nerds do it) and talked to 2,000 people about how they get their partner in the mood for lovin’. The results were pretty clear: Pizza, fries, and tacos.

And with good reason. Eating is relaxing. Especially if you order delivery and don’t have to waste a bunch of time and energy cooking. Plus, since you’re already chilling on the couch anyway…well, you get the idea.

pizza baby in crib
Warning: Pizza romance can lead to cuddly pizza babies.


Now, obviously it takes more than food to keep your relationship hotter than a pan of lasagne. Survey respondents definitely mentioned other techniques for setting the mood like compliments (“nice toppings”), candles (oregano-scented), sexy outfits (strategically-placed Canadian bacon), and seductive music. Food was the most consistent answer though.

Love and Pizza Infographic

Maybe it’s the sweet, tantalizing sound of the delivery person ringing the doorbell. Maybe it’s the idea of bringing home the bacon without actually going anywhere. Or maybe it’s the lack of dishes to do afterward. But most likely, it’s the delicious smell of fries and chicken wings that hang in the air all night long. If that isn’t sexy, we don’t know what is.

pulling apart pizza gif

In conclusion, love is complicated. It requires time, energy, thoughtfulness, and commitment to survive. But mostly, it needs pizza. Lots and lots of pizza.

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