MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! It’s The Yelp Eat24 Gif Party.

Hello everyone and welcome to the roughest, toughest day of the week. 

The day that makes you question your life decisions. MONDAY!

The day where your lunch is most likely to be a salad. MONDAY!!!

The day that begins with a “M” and rhymes with sucky. MONDAY!!!

We’ll try to make it better with these rock em’ sock em’ gifs coming right from the web to your personal space! Now grab a hold of something, press play, sit back, and let the gif party begin!

Air Swimming 1

Just keep swimming. Monday is almost over.

1 - URflfZM

Dancing with the Stars: Dog Edition

Domino Small to Large


Domino Continuous

Not science.

Domino People Resized

You better not mess this up Carl!


Lies! The pretzel industry is built on lies!


Like, totally gyroscopic man!

And now… a cat interlude. Prepare your D’awwwwwws.

Baby Cat

“Oh yeah, right there. Don’t stop.”

Whoops Cat

Monday strikes when you least expect it.

Ultimate Showdown

That moment when you remember you’re pretty low on the food chain.

Big Cat Box

Big Cats Love Boxes Too

Now take a sip of coffee, breathe deep and think of the kitties. You’ll get through this Monday.

False Alarm - Imgur

See you next week with the Yelp Eat24 Gif Party.

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