Pets Love Yelp Eat24! (Humans think we’re OK too)

Remember a few months ago when we made this commercial?

Well everyone pretty much hated it. But turns out the real tastemakers of the house, pets, actually loved it. In fact we got a whole bunch of videos of our four legged (or four finned) friends loving our ad. So we made a compilation.


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18 thoughts on “Pets Love Yelp Eat24! (Humans think we’re OK too)”

  1. I am an old old old old old old f’ing man. I’ve been using this site since forever. Can’t find coupons. Extra Hangry. Just give me a coupon, none of this social media crap. I’ve got to sign up for a disqus account just to post this. I remember the olden days of Eat24 when you didn’t have to wade through a pile of b.s. to get a coupon. This ain’t it.

  2. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for being a great customer! Feel free to use coupon code ‘jello’ and enjoy some savings on us.

  3. You can always find coupons on our Twitter or Instagram! Or simply just ask us. Use coupon code ‘java’ and enjoy. πŸ™‚

  4. We never took them away! They’re always available on our social media. Like, for example, coupon code ‘wally’. πŸ™‚

  5. So when I signed up with eat 24 it was mostly because eat24 advertised coupons in the “vip lounge every weekend”. stop smoking on the job, it leads to bad things like false advertising. and take sound advice PEOPLE HATE CHANGE dont ever change your menus, interface, coupons, or look. Just don’t move don’t change don’t even blink just sit there and accept the money and shut up.

  6. You know what they say “If you’re changin’ then you’re dying” – Abraham Lincoln via the internet. Thanks so much for the advice, we’ll stay exactly the same today and everyday because change means extinction. #AppropriateHashtag #FeedbackSpecialist

  7. please bring back putting the coupons here. i don’t use social media, don’t make me go digging around in social media to find them. worst change, terrible way to ring in 2016. thanks yelp. ffs.

    your thing even still says “want coupons & love notes?” for the email signup. false advertising. why would you stop?

  8. It’s just a tweet away! Feel free to hit us up on Twitter or Instagram for a coupon, or if you don’t wanna do that, just code ‘jello’ and enjoy. πŸ˜‰

  9. true, but this change definitely is. it makes no sense. it’s a shame eat24 has gone down the drain since yelp really took over. kinda expected it. you guys used to be cool… what a waste. how do you sleep at night having sold out a legitimately cool company to corporate mediocrity and cornercutting?

    i miss old eat24

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