Mascots Eating People – A Tribute


What’s that? Oh really? The Super Bowl is coming up? Are you sure?


Yes, we know it’s Super Bowl time again. Chicken wings, commercials, “last rodeo,” Lady Gaga, “The New Left Shark,” Cam Newton Versace pants dab. See? We pay attention to things.

Anyway, our analytics guy told us the Super Bowl is trending, so we should write about it. This got us thinking (which is hard to do when you’re 4 layers deep in a 7 layer dip).


Super Bowl… sports… fuzzy things… MASCOTS.

Mascots are like the delivery drivers of the sports world. When they show up, everyone cheers and high fives each other, and for just a moment, everything seems right in the universe.

Can you tell we’re really reaching? OK we’ll shut up and let you enjoy this carefully selected list of the all-time best videos of mascots doing mascot things.

Fish Eats Groundskeeper

Fun Fact 1: This Mascot’s name is Mackerel Jordan.
Fun Fact 2: Most mascots have trouble digesting shoes.

Jaguars Mascot Cakes a Fan

Two Words: Mascot Justice

Raptors Mascot Eats a Cheerleader

That’s one way to “pick up” the ladies. Get it? No? Ok we’ll stop.

Hawks Mascot Eats Woman’s Face

This mascot doesn’t abide by society’s PDA rules.

Inflatable Mascot Thing with Globe Head Dances


The only thing we could think of to make this dance any better is if they ended it with “Smooth Criminal”.

Shark Mascot Eats Woman

Left Shark has really come a long way from his humble beginnings as a college sports mascot.

shark unlv eating mascot

A really long way.

left shark dancing lol

Those are eyes of a shark that has seen and done a lot of things.

Titans Mascot Eats Cheerleader


Raptors Mascot’s Bad Day

Inflatable mascot + rollerblades + stairs. How totally expected!

Cow Dancing in a Supermarket

OK list over. On a serious note, we just want to say we love our delivery drivers. Without their sacrifice every year during the Super Bowl, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy a single quarter of the game. #Blessed #DeliveryDriversRule #Sports

Did we miss any crucial mascot videos? If so, feel free to share them with us on Twitter or Instagram. Holla!




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