CC a cup of coffee and BCC that nap: It’s Time For A Monday Gif Party

We thought since today is Monday, it should be all about fails. So sit back, try not to cringe, and be thankful you aren’t in any of these .gifs. (Except the cheese one, that one you should want to bathe in).

As always, press play and scroll slowly for maximum enjoyment.


Stick Fail

Coordination is key when leveling up in belts. Lesson learned, always be prepared.

Fail Flip

When the river says “slap” to your stomach.

Fail board

Golden rule of Skateboarding: Fall down, get back up. Still waiting on that “get back up” part. (6)

That is genuine disappointment and embarrassment. We feel you, girl in green, we feel you.

Corn Butter Slide copy

Time for a palate cleanser from all that cringe. Melty butter is melty.


Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to relax, and you knock over your bowl into the portal you accidentally left out, and it lands on your face? #Mondays


Future Soccer player? We think so.

Cake Fail

If Monday was a Birthday Cake.

Cheese on Fries copy

Cheese interlude.

Car Fail

Sometimes trying to make things work….just doesn’t work.



We hope these .gifs were dank enough for you. Thanks for joining this week’s Yelp Eat24 .gif party.

See you next Monday 🙂


P.S. Yes. It is that guy!

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