A Thank You Letter! :-)

We at Eat24Hours received a wonderful thank you letter that I would like to share with everyone. It does our heart good when we find our site is just more than a easy, fun, fast, accurate and addictive way of ordering online food delivery. Thank you Emily and you are more than welcome!

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to tell you what your site has meant to me. I am a 38-year-old vibrant woman who just happens to have a severe speech impediment. I will be forever grateful to you for enabling me to broaden my delivery restaurant food arena.

There was a time that I was limited to just a few select items I was able to relay clearly when ordering restaurant food the typical way, the phone. If I even tried to order from Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Greek, or other ethnic restaurants other than American I would never receive what I ordered. Worse yet, many times I would be hung up on because I am sure the restaurant either got frustrated with me, or thought I was a child playing. Sadly, even with American cuisines there are only a few things I was able to order through the phone.

Then one day while I was just playing around on the Internet I stumbled upon your blog site. I can’t recall the exact blog I saw first but it one in regards to a restaurant that I had been wanting to try in the San Jose area but knew I couldn’t just call and order.

But now, because of all of you at Eat24Hours, I am able to order any cuisine I choose online and have it delivered to my door. You may not realize the impact this has had on my life, but believe me, it has been very freeing. I am now able to enjoy so many wonderful cuisines in the comfort of my home. I no longer have to deal with getting my nerve up to make a phone call to attempt to order food for delivery. Now I can easily get online, search out all the great restaurants in my delivery area, and order up dishes I would never dream of even trying to pronounce.

So to some, your site may be a convenience, but to me it has given me back a part of my life I have battled with due to my disability for years. Thank you Eat24Hours.

Your forever-grateful patron,

Emily S.
San Jose, California

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3 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter! :-)”

  1. I never thought of this kind of situation. I take too many things for granted. I’ll bet she had a horrible time trying to order things. My heart goes out to her. Thanks for sharing her letter.

  2. I can relate to that. I stutter and it gets worse when people are short with me or try to finish my sentences for me. I know some of them are just trying to help but a bit of patience will go a lot farther.

  3. Man, I’m one of those people who takes phone orders and I’m afraid I’ve been guilty of being a jerk. The letter and the comments hit home. I’m going to try to do a lot better. I just never thought that my demeanor could affect those calling in. Thanks for sharing the letter and thanks to Perry for the comment.

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