What is Online Food Delivery?


Online food delivery is your instant relief from communication barriers between you and the person on the other end of the phone. You know what I am talking about. You call and attempt to order an ethnic dish only to find out the person who is taking your order does not understand you or you just do not understand them. No matter how many times you try to express your desire to order a particular dish, you cannot seem to get it across to the person talking your order. Online restaurant food ordering for delivery eliminates the hassles of communication barriers. However, it doesn’t stop there!

How many times have you called a restaurant to order delivery food to only be placed on hold forever, then once get on the line with the restaurant the call gets dropped half way into your order leaving you having to start all over again. It can be a real pain! With online restaurant food ordering for delivery, you never have to worry about your call being put on hold or dropped! However, wait… it doesn’t stop there either.

When was the last time you got what you order even after you believed the person taking your order got it right? Too many times to count I am sure. With online restaurant food ordering for delivery, what you order is what is delivered.

Eat24Hours is what Expedia is to ordering airline tickets – it is the dawn of the future to online ordering restaurant food delivery.

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5 thoughts on “What is Online Food Delivery?”

  1. I do like the convenience of ordering on line. I know that when I order something, that is exactly what I will get. No breakdown in communication. That really works for me.

  2. I can’t remember this ever being a problem with me when I was ordering food. Maybe I was just lucky. Now, trying to get computer support is a horse of a different color. Too bad there is no quick fix for that!

  3. It’s just the best thing since sliced bread! Quick, easy and hassle free. It’s the only way to go when it’s available.

  4. I wish all restaurants had this convenience. It would make matters so much easier for both party’s.

  5. You hit the nail on the head with being put on hold. I really hate having that happen. It takes them forever to pick the phone back up. I find it hard to believe that places are that busy, that often. I’ve got to the point that if they ask to put me on hold I tell them either take my order now or forget it. It’s funny how many times they take the order.

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