Eat24Hours ~ Who Are We?

First, I would like to thank those readers who follow this blog on a regular basis as well as anyone who is new to our page. However, I thought it may be a good time to take a break and reacquaint the old readers and inform the new readers to exactly what Eat24Hourss is about.

First off, let me tell you what we are not about:

We are not a restaurant.
We do not cook.
But we do make it easy for you to have restaurant food deliverd to you!

Now for what we are about!

Eat24Hours is a internet portal to easy access of hundreds of restaurants that offer online ordering of restaurant food that is delivered to your door. It is at your disposal 24/7 around the clock and extremely easy to use.

There is no charge to you to use the Eat24Hours online restaurant food delivery ordering – it is free.

What we do:

Eat24Hours seeks out restaurants that offer delivery that would like to take their client base a bit broader by advertising the ease of restaurant food ordering online. Interested restaurants are listed on our easy to use restaurant food delivery ordering site (Eat24Hours) hosting their full menu, delivery hours, and prices.

How it works:
You the consumer decides have pizza delivered for supper and wants to order online. You go to the Eat24Hour website and find a pizza restaurant listed with us in your area. You submit your order, – that is where Eat24Hours steps in. We get your order, submit it to the restaurant of your choice, confirm it, and get you your estimated delivery time and transfer all that information back to you.

It is really just that easy! With Eat24Hours you have hundreds upon hundreds of restaurants to choose from in one place.

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