10 Food Photography Fails From Yelp Eat24

Everyone knows Yelp Eat24 has tons of drool-worthy food pics on our app and website. That’s because our amazing customers and restaurant owners are always sending us sexy photos. You know, like these gorgeous wings: But the truth is, not […]

Is This SHOCKING Blog Post Clickbait? Find Out (NSFW)

Confession: We love clickbait. You too? We could tell by the way you clicked. Anyway, thanks for giving our clickbait a chance. Competition is pretty fierce out there, and we’ve been noticing these clickbait articles are getting more insane every […]

Quiz: What Food Were You In A Past Life?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered what food you were in a previous life. A pepperoni pizza? A breakfast burrito? Or maybe a simple, salt-of-the-earth beet? These are serious questions that need serious answers. Take the quiz to […]

Ask Eat24: Advice For Sandwich Lovers

    Send us your questions about love, life, and pizza toppings. We’ll draw diagrams if necessary. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 5 years and I’m starting to think he’s scared of commitment. I can barely get him to […]