It’s Tuesday (Monday In Disguise). Cheer up With These Gifs

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s .gif party. As we know, coming back from a three day weekend is a drag. It’s like having a Super Monday, that just happens to be Tuesday. But we’re here to make your extra busy for no reason day slightly better. Let’s take a step back from those spreadsheets, hit “end” on that conference call, press play on this sweet soundtrack and scroll slowly through these gifs until your mind is at ease.

Without further ado, let’s start the show.

1 - w94PMC7


1 - rwRjbXb

Fun with sticky notes!

Dino Sex

This T-Rex wants YOU to feel loved.


Instructions Unclear, Slippers Not Recommended.

Dog Suitcase 2

Never, ever forget to pack the essentials.


“Makin’ My Way Downtown”

Cat String

“Get over here string!” Several Mistakes were Made That Day.

Up the pole 2

(Insert Missy Elliot’s “Work It” Lyrics here in Reverse)

Cup Cup Final

“Nailed It”

roll puppy

Time to Face Monday Tuesday the Only Way We Know How! Wrap ourselves up like a burrito.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Now back to work. Sigh..

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