Elderly and Shut In’s


Are you responsible for getting a meal to an elderly parent, relative, or shut in plus work and have a family of your own that you tend to? If so, Eat24Hours may be a huge helping hand for you. It is understandable that no one can be everywhere at one time. It would be nice to think we can take care of everyone all the time, but sometimes other things in life get in the way of some of our other responsibilities.

Let me explain to you how Eat24Hours may just be able to take some of that load off you. With Eat24Hours, if you tend to someone’s meals, you can easily type in their location and find restaurants that will deliver to them. You can easily select cuisine from the list of restaurants that deliver in their area and a meal that meets with their diet. Pay for it online and rest assured that it will be delivered on a timely manner to the one you care for. You still have control over their diet so you do not need to worry that they are consuming something their not suppose to have and the next time you have another function that you need to attend, you don’t have to worry about your loved one. They are treated to a hot restaurant prepared meal too. Give yourself a break from time to time and give a loved one a treat by ordering them a meal online from a restaurant that delivers to them.

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5 thoughts on “Elderly and Shut In’s”

  1. What a marvelous idea. I use it myself at work and at home but for some reason never thought about using it for my parents. They do OK for breakfast and lunch but I usually make sure dinner is covered. I’ve been stopping between work and home to take them something or to fix it myself. Ordering online for them would sure make my day a lot shorter not to mention easier.

  2. I am getting up there in age but I’m a long way from being a shut in. Being elderly doesn’t mean being senile and going out in inclement weather is not a smart idea for someone who may fall and break a bone. I’ve never had a broken bone and I don’t intend to start now. If the weather is not at its best I use Eat24Hours and let them do the traveling for me while still enjoying the best food around. My hats off to them.

  3. My Mom just had a hip replacement and while she can get around I worry about her trying to cook. Eat24Hours is the answer to this problem. I can take care of ordering her meals and know she is getting great food delifvered right to her door. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. My mother is not only a shut in, she has to follow a special regimented diet. I live with her and am her main care taker. I, on the other hand, have no dietary restrictions. I also have no time to shop and cook, but I do love to eat. Eat24Hours has been a life saver for me. No shopping, no cooking, gourmet meals whenever I want them delivered right to my door. Cleanup is easy too. You gotta love it!

  5. This is the answer to my prayers. My parents are getting up there in years and my Mom is no longer able to cook and my dad never got past drying the dishes in the kitchen. We considered live in help but my parents were against that. They did not want a stranger roaming around their home. With meals the only problem I was elated to find Eat24Hours. We live on opposite sides of the country so I wasn’t much help either. Now they can order their meals and have them delivered to their door. What a great idea!

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