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If you are in college, you already know how hectic and stressed exam times can be. Often times you are cramming for hours on end barely taking a chance to breath, little lone eat. The thought of running down to the local hot spot is totally out of the question because you know once you do you won’t be back to your studies for hours. So you skip meals and snack, never really feeling satisfied leading to even more frustrations in your studies.

A good solid meal is what you need for solid study practices. You need to feed that brain as much as you need to cram all that info into it. Eat24Hours knows that most college students spend a large amount of time on the computer with their studies and now instead of missing a solid meal, you can easily pop over to the Eat24Hours site and order some restaurant food for delivery. Don’t miss a meal due to your studies, feed your brain with more than your studies, give it the nutrients needed to help you succeed. Just visit Eat24Hours and type in your location and then you can choose from the many varying cuisines exactly what your brain is needing to go on.

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6 thoughts on “College students”

  1. You got that right. It’s run from rat race 1 to rat race 2 through the entire day and most often well into the night. Without Eat24Hours, I would most likely be going hungry a lot. I just don’t have the time to cook or run around town picking up food.

  2. I went back to college after my kids were all in school. My life is beyond hectic. After a busy day I have to supervise their homework and get them fed and ready for bed before I can start my own. If I had to cook on school days I would have to give up sleeping to get everything done. Eat24Hours has been a life saver for me. Supper arrives at the door shortly after we do. It’s great food, good prices, deliver with no cooking or dishes to clean up. Everyone gets what they want so there is never whining at my table. I couldn’t do it without you!

  3. Going to school part time, working full time and helping my wife with our infant twins translates to a full time craziness that is our lives. Twice a week we count on Eat24Hours to wait on us and give us a well deserved break from our hectic schedules. It’s a treat we count on and one we can afford to do without breaking the budget.

  4. I share an apartment with 3 other girls. We all cook, but never have enough time for it. We depend on Eat24Hours to keep us fed. Occasionally on the weekends we do cook, but during the week we order in all the time. This way is so easy for all of us. Glad we found you…..

  5. Amen to that. My classes are all over the board. As a full time student most of my time is spent in class, studying and doing homework or going to and from class. I don’t have time to shop let alone cook a decent meal. I do need to eat right to keep up with my studies. I count on Eat24Hours to do just that. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are ordered on-line and delivered to where ever I might be in my day. I couldn’t do it without you!

  6. I don’t mind telling you that I worried about what my daughters might be eating, or worse, not eating when they left for college. They were raised in a home that served 3 meals a day and I should know becuase I’m the cheif cook and bottle washer. My daughter wrote me a letter and calmed my fears telling me that they had found Eat24Hours and when they didn’t have time to cook, they were eating well balanced meals anyway. I’d rather be cooking for them, but this is the next best thing.

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