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Dear Eat24Hours.com,

I have been following your blog from time to time when I get a chance and had saw where you had posted some other letters from satisfied customers, so I thought I would share what your service has brought into our home.

Recently I received a promotion at my job, which was great because we definitely needed the extra money; however, with the promotion came different work hours that conflicted with my children and husband’s schedule. I have always been in control of all the meals that are served in our home, and now with the new hours, I was getting home at our actual mealtime.

As you can tell, this did not work out well for me to get a decent meal on the table. My husband on the other hand still got home at the same time as he had in the past, about a half hour before suppertime. If I had prepared a crock-pot meal before leaving to work, everything was fine, until the kids AND hubby began complaining about the lack of variety. It was about that time I had stumbled upon your site. Not sure how, doesn’t matter, but it has help free up quite a bit of time in my life. See now, about twice a week I order supper for my family online through your site. I order it while I am still at work, and by the time my husband gets home all he has to do is get it from the delivery driver.

Now my family is dealing with my hour changes much better and I get some me time. I just wanted to share with you all at Eat24Hours what gods send you have been to our family.

Chicago, IL

Dear Elizabeth,
We are thrilled that our services have helped you and your family. That is what we are here for! 🙂 I would like to take this opportunity to also tell you congratulations on your job promotion! Well done!
Great day to you and yours Elizabeth


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2 thoughts on “A Note from a Customer..”

  1. Here, here, I’ll 2nd that. Work school and sport schedules make it nearly impossible to cook on a daily basis. With Eat24Hours, I don’t have to worry about cooking. It may cost a little more but it is so worth it to come home and only have to set the table before we can sit down to dinner. Kudos to the brilliant mind that came up with the idea and also to all of the retaurants who have come on board since.

  2. I’m pretty sure that most of the people who use Eat24Hours have over the top busy lives. I know I do and that’s why I’ve come to depend on them to do the work for me on the nights that I can’t. I love to cook, but who has the time, especially during the week. I know I don’t.

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