First Thing Americans Do After Work? Get Naked.

  Question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love wearing a suit? Or a pair of pointy shoes? How about super tight pants? If you said, “Zero,” or, “Not at all,” or, “What the hell […]

What Americans Secretly Want To Do Every Night

  Breaking News: A night spent on the couch is better than a night not spent on the couch.   You already knew that of course, but now it’s official. That’s because we did some fancy research* and discovered FOMO […]

Eat24 Customers Tell the Best Jokes

  What do you call someone with egg rolls in their ears? Anything you want, they can’t hear you. #Sorry A few weeks ago, we asked a lot from our tweeters/readers. We asked for jokes (funny ones). And you sent […]