Ordering Food for Delivery?


When was the last time you ordered some food for delivery? How was that experience? I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone the other day and he was telling me how disastrous the last three times he ordered food for delivery on the phone was. Now mind you, I got a huge ear full on how “mad” was at me for not servicing his area yet (mind you he lives in a little town in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin – but we will get even that area covered yet!), but also a ear full of how incompetent the employees of the restaurants were in taking his order.

From one of the major pizza chains he ordered from he was put on hold three times. He went on to say he couldn’t believe that in a town of his size that everybody was ordering pizza for delivery at the same time more like the employee was talking to a friend on the other line. From the Chinese restaurant he attempted to order from and ask what the specials were he got a cold response and was unable to make out fully everything they said. From the last restaurant, a more family style restaurant, although he was able to get his order made via the phone fairly easily, when it was delivered they forgot part of his order.

What is the great thing about ordering your food online for delivery via Eat24Hours. You don’t have communication issues, the order gets taken right the first time, and you don’t get put on hold while the employee sits and chit chats with their buddies.

So I took my ear chewing from my friend and reassured him how bad I felt for him and after I hung up, I got online and ordered me up some Thai food for lunch. 😉

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