EAT24 and Yelp Get Married: An Email from EAT24 CEO

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Hi guys 🙂 We have some pretty great news… but we’re way too excited to type, so instead we’re going to share this morning’s company-wide email from The Boss:

Good morning, lovely people. Have 5 minutes for me? I hope you brought an extra pair of pants today because I have really exciting news… WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!

EAT24 is joining Yelp!

Whaaaaat?!? Yes. The company we built together – our service, our experience, our app, our voice – will now get to shine on an even bigger stage. By joining Yelp, we have the opportunity to spread the love and serve over 130MM people each month, plus add 1MM restaurants nationwide! How awesome is that?

130MM people! That’s a bigger audience than the Super Bowl, and we get to reach them every single day.

Yelp has the power to take us where we’ve always dreamed of going, and a zillion times faster than doing it ourselves. Our companies share the mission of creating a better eating experience for consumers. EAT24 and Yelp are soulmates, and now we are married. So let’s make babies!

I want you to know that all of you are part of this awesome deal. We are a family and you helped get us here. Make no mistake, EAT24 is still EAT24. What we’ve built is about to become everything we dreamed it could be – and we can’t do it without you guys. There is no version of continued success that doesn’t include this team.

While I worked on this deal, I got to know Yelp. I saw their offices, experienced their culture, and got to know the people who work there. I know you’re gonna love it! If you saw them on Tinder, you would 100% swipe right. Yelp kicks ass, just like you guys.

I’m sure you have lots of questions. I do too! We all wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow, and all I know is we got here together, and we’re going to stick together and conquer the future as a family. (Plus, we’re going to have so much fun, so relax!)

Can’t wait to talk to you guys about this in person at our 10:30 meeting in “The Big Lounge” today. I will also introduce you to a few of my good friends from Yelp who are dying to meet you, and will answer any questions you may have, so don’t be shy 🙂

OK, this letter is too long already so I will wrap this up. My grandmother always said, “Good things happen to good people.” And we are those good people. Now let’s get back to work, because we have A LOT of people to feed.


Nadav – The Boss


Yep. It’s true. Yelp asked, and we said yes! Watch out world 😉 To all you OG members of #NoPantsNation, we love you, and we’re not going anywhere! We’ll always be right here for you when you’re hungry, and we hope you’ll help us spread the love to all our new hungry friends who have yet to experience the joy of sushi from the Internet.

And now, please enjoy the customary Wedding Reception Entire Company Selfie:



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46 thoughts on “EAT24 and Yelp Get Married: An Email from EAT24 CEO”

  1. Hi five to all you Eat24 folks. I hope you all made plenty of dough today and will not lose your amazing, twisted sense of humor once you’re old and married. This does indeed seem like a marriage made in heaven, two of my favorite apps getting married! I never dine out without checking Yelp and rarely order in without Eat24. Woohoo!

  2. Hey Joel!!!

    Higher 5 to you!!! Thanks for your support. It’s much appreciated. We can assure you — all the cookie, pizza and pretzel dough in the world would never ever everrrr get in the way of our love for you and our loyal #NoPantsNation. We hope nothing but the best for everyone. So kick back, eat well, and enjoy! The Honeymoon ain’t ever ending! <3

    Woohoo! (for damn sure)

  3. I am so happy for you both – you have given new meaning to “eat,drink and be merry”! Now, who’s taking whose last name? Yelp24? EatYelp? Y24? Maybe Yeat? Or something hyphenated? Amal took George’s last name, just saying….

  4. I used to love you so much, but now we are done. I’m sorry. Yelp extorts money from small businesses, and I cannot abide. Fare thee well! Grubhub it is.

  5. Hi, poop. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, poop. We’re sorry to hear you feel that way, but we’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Yelp and are excited about working with them to make food magic happen. We want to assure you, poop, that we’re still the same EAT24 we’ve always been and we have no plans to change. We love our restaurant partners and would never be part of anything we thought would damage them. That said, we understand how you feel and appreciate you letting us know. Hope to be able to feed you again, poop!

  6. This is great news guys! We use EAT24 often and my only complaint is that more restaurants aren’t on it. So much better than any of the other sites I’ve used for ordering. I’m excited to see it grow.

  7. The email I received referenced “better coupons”…but included the rote $2 spam I’ve gotten since day one…

  8. The same is true for me. My experience with Yelp as both a user and business owner has been abominable. My final use of eat24 was a nice one.

  9. Sorry, but Eat24 just lost me as a customer. I despise yelp, and their lack of business ethics. Props to everyone at Eat24 for all your hard work, and acquisition.

  10. Thanks for letting us know about this, Brian. Sorry to hear you feel that way. We’ve had nothing but good experiences with Yelp and we plan to only get bigger and better with their help.

  11. Not impressed and v disappointed in Yelp for acquiring this mediocre company.

    EAT24 in San Bruno has abysmal customer service to boot. Literally got hung up on bec I politely pressed the agent for an answer. The manager was no better and could care less and did basically nothing to fix things.

    Even the restaurant this issue concerned told us to order direct from them and avoid EAT24 bec they’d received so many complaints about them.

    Switched to Grubhub for places that don’t deliver.

  12. Thanks for contacting us. We hate food fails – especially unsatisfactory CS – and wanna make things right. Please email, and if possible, please include your order number. We’re gonna follow up with our support team and make sure you are properly taken care of.

  13. Well, I believe I may have just experienced the downside of food delivery monopolies. I tried to order delivery in Orlando and not only was there a delivery charge, but a service charge and a before surcharge minimum of $50!!! That, folks, means that you cannot order from EAT24 for one person any longer in Orlando. The “fleecing” of the business traveler continues!

  14. Hi, Steve! Thanks for contacting us. We also received your email and wanna let you know that we’re on your side. We love our business travelers and wanna take care of them, especially in places like Orlando where there’s little choice for food delivery. Be on the lookout for our email, and also — small little favor — if you stumble upon any good restaurants during your travels, please send them our way! We’re always looking for new spots. You got our email address. Safe journeys! 🙂

  15. Thanks very much for the reply; I will indeed keep an eye out. In the meantime, please reduce the minimum on 3rd party ordering and not make it prohibitive if you really want the business of the “solo” traveler.

  16. I too despise Yelp with a passion, but I do love me some Eat24. Of course you have to say you’ve had nothing but good experience with Yelp, you just merged, but the truth is they scam businesses out of money.
    With all that being said, I’ll still be a loyal customer of Eat24, making this rant pretty useless and time-wasting. #NoPantsNation

  17. Hi fartballoons! First of all, you have the best username, profile picture, and bio ever. Hands down. No contest. So congratulations on that. Also, we love you more! And we would never do anything if we didn’t think it was going to lead to a better experience for #NoPantsNation. That’s why we joined Yelp. And we’re not just saying this because Yelp is listening. We say whatever we want! Like sometimes Yelp types really loudly and it’s annoying, and sometimes their mouth makes a weird sound when they chew, but we still love them. And if this review is still here tomorrow, then you’ll know things are just fine 😉

  18. You’re way too kind with your words. I should’ve just kept my mouth shut and congratulated you instead of farting all over your good news. I’m actually very happy for you and the entire crew there. If this means more restaurants I can order from without wearing clothes, then I’m all for it.
    All happiness and congrats aside, mouth noises are the worst, and the leading cause of divorce, cancer, and insanity, so maybe have them fix that.

  19. I know it is a super emotional issue, but I suggest you look into the independent university study that investigated this very issue and found absolutely no evidence that could support that claim. It is hard as a business owner, I know, but emotions can cloud what people are able to see, and for many a simple “sense” of wrongdoing has made them absolutely certain of something that (fortunately!) seems to just not be true. But wouldn’t that be great news? I think so! 🙂 A good place to start is this actually super well researched article: (Admittedly, Yelp’s secrecy around their “recommended reviews” algorithm hasn’t helped, but it doesn’t necessarily imply wrongdoing, it could just be a desire to protect intellectual property. And the fact that they now allow users to view “non-recommended reviews” makes the issue moot. I’ll note, I have nothing to do with Yelp at all, I’m just a user who likes to know about the companies she gives her time and trust to, and after all my research and years of experience, I trust them in their current form.)

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