It’s Time For A Spooky Gif Party

Today is Halloween which is awesome. It’s also Monday which is far less awesome. But we’re still going to throw a Yelp Eat24 Gif Party. It’s kinda like that party you went to on Saturday, except instead of costumes and jello shots there are gifs. Some are spooky. Some are kooky. Some are all together ooky. But each one is here for you. So press play and let’s get on with today so we can move on to our nap.

Scared Pumpkin

Pumpkins have it ruff this time of year.

Make It Stop! Make It Stop! - Imgur

Cat or Sorcerer? You decide.

Golf Swing Amaze

Spooky Scary Golf Skills.

Fruit Cut

It looks like the fruit is amazed it’s being cut. 😀


Have you seen my squeaky toy!?

Get Back Here

I just wanna play!!!! No big deal!

Hot Dog OMG

Making stops to Relish, Mustard and Bratsville.

Horse Doge


Ping Pong Floating

The amount of fun they’re having, is too much for a Monday.

Cool Birb Flip

Always end with a big finish.

We hope you all enjoy your leftover Halloween candy, take a few extra naps and get this week started out as best as is possibly can.

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