Eat24 Asks Customers For Coupons, Gets Bees

Opra's bees moment

So a few weeks back, we decided to change up the game in our Friday coupon email. Instead of giving you a coupon (which we still did) we asked you, our customers, to send us a coupon. Crazy, we know. And while we thought we’d get a whole bunch of nothing, we actually ended up with a bunch of useful discounts and offers! Like this one for some hippos.

We don’t know what we’d do with two hippos, but we c’mon, when are we gonna get another chance at two whole hippos.
We’re not sure what we’d do with two hippos, but c’mon, when are we gonna get another chance at two whole hippos?

Then there was an adorable coupon for a fish. Or was it for a hug? Regardless, good times are in our future.

little girl hugging fish

Just when we thought there’s no way we’d get more coupons for fish we got this “whale” of a coupon. Sorry. 

When you say “willy” we’re assuming the whale and not the wettest, oldest bullying technique in the book.

Once we made our way through the aquatic themed coupons, we got a lot of love. Mostly in hug form.


free hug rudy diaz


hug drew coupon



OOH! Caio. An exotic hug.
OOH! Caio. A Portuguese hug.

Just for the record, we never said bees weren’t awesome. We love honey, we just don’t like things that sting.

And of course, since we DIDN’T ASK FOR IT we got an obscene amount of coupons for bees. Lesson learned: when you ask for no bees, you’re going to get a whole bunch of bees.brenda bees

pasted image 0 copy
Gentleman honey bee farmer, or not, we’re not accepting bees.

beads lol
Beads are fine, bees are not.

Some coupons were not exactly bees, but could be classified as bee related.

dr davidson live meal worms
Interesting URL. You have our attention.
Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 11.14.26 AM copy
1000 live mealworms for $11.00?! That is a deal.

From mealworms to kitty massages, the coupons kept coming. Also, From Mealworms to Kitty Massages? New band name, called it.


cat kitten massage
Yeah that’s the spot.

From cats to rabbits, the furry fun times continued. Word of advice, do not Google “furry fun times”.


Two minutes? We want two hours. This rabbit gets down.

We even got a few #NSFW flashes of brilliance.


Finally, we got a free trial for our new favorite cat site.

$14.99 a month is actually pretty reasonable.
$14.99 a month is actually pretty reasonable.

To make things easier for you, and since we just learned how to make charts, take a look at this breakdown of coupons.

pie chart
Lesson Learned. When you ask for no bees, you get an 8% slice of bee pie.

A big thanks to everyone who sent us in coupons. If you ever have another coupon you’re just desperate to unload, we’re always here for them @Eat24 on Twitter or Instagram. From all of us at Eat24, we love you. Now if you don’t mind, we need to go redeem some hippos.


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