It’s a robot! It’s a bird! It’s the Monday Gif Party!

Sleepy Monday everyone! Wait. Ummm. Happy Monday everyone? Welcome to this week’s gif party featuring the fanciest moving pictures in a bite size format. We’ve scoured the Internet for the world’s best graphic interchange formats (AKA gifs) to bring you the best robots, bird, or robo-birds we could find.

Now, just stretch your back, scratch your back, and lean back, before you hit play on this sultry tune and let yourself be encompassed by all things good, bird-y and robot-y.

Bird Circle

“Monday” as described by a bird.

Bird Explosion

Transformers 12: Revenge of the Bird-Bots.

Robot Banana Peel Resized

It doesn’t matter that you slipped on a banana, what matters is you got back up.

Bird Skates

You can tell by the way I use my walk…

Robot Resized

I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk.

News Bird

And now to Tom with the weather.

Jumpy Bird

It’s one hop for happy and 14 for super happy.

Bird Dance

Epic dance battle caught on film.

Ketchup Bot Resized

We have perfected technology.

Bird Blanket


Robot Bird Resized

What better way to end all these bird and robot gifs than with A ROBOT-BIRD!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s super fun moving picture party! Now it’s time to wrap yourself up in the coziest blanket you can find. Unless you’re working. Then just a bunch of spreadsheets stapled together will do the trick.

Happy Monday.

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