A Letter from a Eat24Hours User ~ Keith

Dear Eat24Hours,

I don’t often give shout outs for services I enjoy, but as I was ordering yet again while sitting in my hotel room some delivery food from one of the many restaurants you service in the San Francisco area, and had had to take a minute to thank you while waiting on my food to be delivered.

See, I am a frequent flyer and do not even live in the San Francisco bay area, actually, I live out east, but I do a lot of business travel. I frequent California and Washington often (about two to three times a month) and although while at off site locations I am treated often to dinners out, there are just as many nights I just want to relax in my hotel room but hunger still gets the best of me. Not wanting to venture out, I find your service a great relief from having to seek out food and dig through phone books thicker than an entire set of encyclopedias.

Now when I am away from home all I have to do is get on your site, plug in my hotel location, and pull up numerous restaurants that offer online ordering and delivery to my locale! No more endless dialing until I could find a restaurant that would deliver to me. It is great and definitely a luxury to me.

Thank you for your service. I do appreciate it immensely.
Keith T.

Dear Keith,
Thank you! We are thrilled that our service is helpful to you and it gives you some extra relaxation time while you are away from home. As you may have noticed, we are always adding new restaurants to our current list in hopes that one day we are U.S. wide so no matter where you travel, you can enjoy the same comfort.
Thank you again and safe travels always.
Eat24Hours Staff

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3 thoughts on “A Letter from a Eat24Hours User ~ Keith”

  1. I’m a pilot for a major airlines and I have frequent layovers in LA. I enjoy trying out the local restaurants. Hotel food is generally pretty identifiable and not always the best tasting.

  2. I’m a traveler too and agree that it makes ordering in a lot easier than trying to find something in the phone book or ordering from room service. That gets old real quick.

  3. I really appreciate finding places and services that come highly recommended like this. As a fellow traveler I like having the ground work done by someone else. This is much easier than thumbing through the phone book trying to figure out where to call.

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