14 Animals (Jerks) Who Just Stole Your Food

Alert: There are tiny, furry thieves on the loose. Don’t turn your back for a second cuz these monsters will jump out of no where and take your pizza, your cake, or your lollipop if they can grab it. Unless you’re into that kinda thing. Cuz we definitely are.

1. Tiny Licks


We could watch this squirrel eat ice cream bars all day. Especially if it’s holding our hand.

2. The Saddest Chip Ever


Why so sad, doggy? Not only do you have a stolen potato chip, you have one with ridges.

3. Duck Bills Aren’t Designed for Cheese

This probably isn’t what a duck is meant to eat, but it’s kind of adorable to watch. And he sure did work hard for it.


4. Cookie Teef


Turn your back for a minute and sometimes an adorable bunny hops out of nowhere to steal the cookies you baked. Sorry ‘bout it, but those cookies are good. Better luck next time.


5. So Much Regret


When a meeting you aren’t invited to has free pastries and you’re like, “I’m taking, like, 15 of those,” and then an hour later you’re like, “I shouldn’t have done that.”

6. Streeeeeeetch


Eating a dropped raspberry has never been so whimsical. Or mesmerizing.


7. The Happiest Birthday


Maybe they gave the dog this cake. Or maybe (just maybe) the dog saw the cake on the table, put on a hat, and took a selfie.


8. Paleo Guinea Pig


This guinea pig can steal our salad anytime. No thanks, veggies.


9. Fancy Feline


Lick it and it’s yours. Or at least that’s this cat’s philosophy.


10. Wide Load


Some hamsters eat carrots. Others eat cucumbers. This hamster prefers a steady diet of your Cheez-Its.


11. Pastry Lust


Ok, technically he didn’t just steal your food but he sure tried hard.

12. Way Better Than Pig Slop


Why someone left their cake out, we don’t know. But it sure made this pig’s day…


13. I Been Nibblin’ Watermelon

watermelon cat

You ain’t drinking watermelon anymore, cuz you just got jacked.


14. Bunny Rolls


This tiny bunny stole your corn on the cob and isn’t even eating it. He’s just playing around.

So keep your eyes peeled! These criminals are everywhere.

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