Weekend Coupon: Another Stupid Coupon

We suck

eat24 jumping the shark

At writing emails. We just re-read last week’s coupon email and we gotta say… wow. How do you guys make it through these things? Who do we think we are? Will the world explode if we make fewer than 75 pop culture references in one paragraph? The answer to all of those questions is, of course, No (even though it only really makes sense for the last one).

Email over. Happy Friday! Here’s that coupon.

Coupon code:


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You’re the salsa verde to our enchiladas.



*Don’t worry, this Fine Print will also be quick because we’re not allowed to use the name “Super Bowl” to talk about the Super Bowl, so we can’t make any Super Bowl jokes. Oh well. It’s OK because this email and coupon code will self destruct on Sunday, February 2nd 2014. Now let’s just speed through the rest of this before the NFL** notices. Coupon value: $2. Order minimum: $10. Accepted with Credit Card, PayPal, and Google Wallet. One time use for Eat24 users only. OK now hurry up and order some pulled pork sliders and enjoy The United States Professional Football Championship Bowl Game Event.

**We’re not supposed to say NFL either (Fine Print within Fine Print? Yep, we definitely jumped the shark).


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