Turkey Hangover

Best cure for Turkey Hangover is simple… eat something – anything different! How, order online through the Eat24Hours website delivery from one of your local restaurants in a completely different cuisine like Chinese or Mexican – anything as long as it is not turkey! Eat24Hours makes it easy to get that welcomed change to cure the turkey hangover.. so what are you waiting for?

Poem just for fun with a little turkey theme..

I Ate Too Much Turkey
by Jack Prelutsky

I ate too much turkey,
I ate too much corn,
I ate too much pudding and pie,
I’m stuffed up with muffins
and much too much stuffin’,
I’m probably going to die.

I piled up my plate
and I ate and I ate,
but I wish I had known when to stop,
for I’m so crammed with yams,
sauces, gravies, and jams
that my buttons are starting to pop.

I’m full of tomatoes
and french fried potatoes,
my stomach is swollen and sore,
but there’s still some dessert,
so I guess it won’t hurt
if I eat just a little bit more.

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