What’s for dinner?

Do you ever get tired of hearing “What’s for dinner?” I know I do; I hear it daily! It grows old real fast! As kids age, they appear to become more opinionated too as to how you respond to that question, either with scowls or with grunts of total disgust. The occasional “Oh that sounds good mom become fewer and further between. When I have had my feel, I simply turn to them and ask? “Well delivery of course. “Who’s buying?” On occasion, one of them will claim the honor and on those occasions, I let them pick the restaurant from the Eat24Hours network where our delivery will come from.

When I just don’t feel like hearing the discouraging remarks, I go ahead and order from the many favorites my kids have saved on the Eat24Hours website and never have to listen to it. If you have teens, especially those who have a job, next time you get the “What’s for dinner?” question… try it out… You might be surprised how often you are treated to dinner.

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